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Sparse Brows Solutions

Sparse brows solutions. ๐ŸŒŸ

The vast majority of people who come to me for brow procedures have sparse or very sparse brows and often no brow hair at all. My observations are that all of my clients who have this problem have their self confidence about their appearance affected to some degree. This prompts the search for a solution to this problem. There are many solutions to sparse brows out there in the beauty industry which I will explain about in this blog post.

Brow makeup: this is for obvious reasons the most widely used solution to fill in sparse brows. There are some great products on the market from soft powders, brow pencils and even specially made brow pens to simulate the microblading look. I'm not too impressed by the brow pens personally! Brow makeup is great when applied correctly and you can experiment with different styles and shades. If you are thinking about getting permanent makeup for your brows but have never tried applying makeup to them to see how they look I recommend trying this first so that you can at least start to get used to having brows on your face again. I can do this for you during a consultation if you wish. This will help you to have an idea of how it will look at the end. I recommend staying natural in both the chosen shade and in the style of brow applied. The more natural appearance, the better the result in my opinion. It's much easier to start of slight, then gradually add rather than just go for it and end up with an unnatural looking pair of brows.

Brow beauty treatments: HD Brows, brow tinting, brow lamination are all brilliant eyebrow treatments. They work really well with brows that are more full but not so well for sparse brows. They can of course vastly improve the appearance and make them appear fuller than before but it is limited to the use of how much natural brow hair you actually have. This tends to be the beautiful Instagram brows that you see on the Internet nowadays. And many people long for perfect eyebrows from seeing the amazing results. Brow lamination is becoming a very popular treatment in the beauty industry lately with a huge growth in popularity.

Henna brows: this is a brow treatment with a difference. This is because it is like a brow tint but it tints the skin as well as the brow hair so it can work well for sparse brows and also for people who have no brows, Alopecia and other conditions resulting in little or no eyebrow hair. It is a specially formulated version of the traditional Indian henna that is designed to use on the face. This is quite a good semi permanent solution if you are looking to have a permanent makeup procedure done in the future and are wondering how it will be having a new set of brows. This will fade over a couple of weeks so it provides a great semi permanent makeup solution for eyebrows. Supercilium is my recommendation if you want to try this as it is the world's most widely used henna brows professional product line.

Microblading: microblading is a style of brow tattooing that is most commonly heard of in the beauty industry today. What many people don't realise is the history of microblading and how it began. This style of tattooing has been used for centuries and is thought to have originated in Asia where a simple hand tool with a row of fine needles attached to the end is used to make fine incisions on the skin. Pigment is then applied to the area to 'soak in' resulting in a permanent tattoo of the treated area. During the last 25 years, microblading has more widely been used on the eyebrows mainly in Asia. Microblading when done correctly is a very natural style of brow tattooing with beautiful results. The results tend to work best on a smooth skin surface that is not oily, blemished or mature. This is because the healing process of microblading commonly pushes out the pigment if the best canvas is not used for this procedure.

Powder brows or Ombre brows: this is becoming a popular style for permanent makeup and is fast taking over the microblading in popularity. This is because this style of brows tends to heal very well and also last much better than traditional microblading. This is because of the technique used to implant the pigment. This style of brow tattoo is mostly applied using a digital tattoo machine which is specially designed for permanent makeup. The pigment is implanted in miniscule droplets via a tubular needle that pulses in and out of the skin at a 45 degree angle. This brow style is best for oily and mature skin because hair stroke styles tend to not last as well for these skin types.

Digital semi permanent brows: this is where a digital tattoo machine specifically designed for use on the face for permanent makeup is used to implant pigment into the skin. This method is the most gentle on the skin This results in a lot less trauma than the traditional microblading because there are tiny punctures made in the skin from a single tiny needle instead of an incision from dragging several needles across the skin. It means that the skin heals quicker, retains much more pigment and the colour stays true for much longer before it fades and needs retouching.

There are also some wierd and wonderful brow solutions on the market which are not as common. Hair transplantation and brow stamps to name a couple. These have not taken off in popularity as they have not been proven to have good, consistent results.

Whatever solution you decide to go for to improve sparse brows I'm sure it will help you to feel good about your brows again. My advice to anyone is if you are unsure then you should definitely be choosing a temporary solution over having a permanent makeup procedure done. At least to get used to it for a while before committing to a more permanent treatment. I can help you with guidance on correct makeup applications during a free consultation if you are still deciding if PMU is for you.

Permanent makeup is great for sparse brows and I help many clients who have Alopecia, Thyroid problems including underactive thyroid and other conditions causing this. From what I have seen in my experience, this procedure changes lives in a hugely positive way. Clients come back to me for their retouch, having a new hairstyle, new found confidence and feeling great about themselves and it gives me a huge sense of satisfaction from my job. I thoroughly enjoy helping people to be the best version of themselves and giving the gift of confidence. โค๏ธ๐ŸŒŸโค๏ธ๐ŸŒŸ

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