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I'm thrilled to be awarded as a finalist for the Kent Women in Business Awards!

It was such an honour to be invited to join the Kent Women in Business Awards ceremony as a finalist for the category of 'Mumpreneur of the year'!

After 21 years in the beauty industry and 5 years of cosmetic tattooing I'm so happy to be getting some recognition for all my hard work. My job is everything to me and I get so much joy from helping people feel more confident about their appearance with permanent makeup.

In 2017 I decided to finally follow my dreams set up my permanent makeup business. I was as a newly single mum, having left a toxic relationship and knew that no one would ever be able to hold me back again. I felt stronger than ever and threw myself into making it a reality. 😁💪💖

I took some annual leave to begin my training while managing two dermatology clinics in Kent and Essex. It was really tough having a demanding full time job, being a single mum, learning a new skill and setting up a new business. However, I somehow managed to get to where I wanted to be and within 8 months I was able to rely on my permanent makeup business and go full time.

Now fast forward to 2022 and I'm so proud of my professional home based permanent makeup clinic. I have a great lifestyle working from home. I get to see my gorgeous kids in my lunch break on a busy Saturday. Not many jobs where you can do that! When I am finishing a day off I honestly can't wait to get back to work the next day because I really love what I do. My heart is fully invested in every single client who I welcome into my clinic and how I can help improve their live through the process of having permanent makeup treatments done.

The Kent women in business awards was such a brilliant place to be. I met so many amazingly inspirational women who I will now be keeping in touch with. I have learnt about networking meet ups which I'm going to join because the only part I miss about being employed is to be part of a team because I'm such a people person!

A huge congratulations to everyone who has recognition at the awards, I will definitely be joining you again next year even if I'm not in a category because it was such a fun night! 🥰💖💃🥂🌟

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