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Bio Re Peel C13

I have used many skin peels over the years and after making the decision to introduce them to my clinic, I have been on a quest to find the best 'all rounder' skin peel!

I wanted to find one that is strong enough to get amazing results, while not feeling like your face is on fire for days, or sheets of skin falling off for days after! I am super excited to introduce the amazing Bio Re Peel C13 skin peel. It is a 35% TCA peel so it's a strong one and you will definitely notice a difference after having a course of six treatments.

This peel is quite different from a standard peel as it's a lot stronger and you couldn't have it as part of a full facial as that would be too much on your skin in one session.

After having this skin peel your skin will instantly feel tighter, brighter, super clean, fresh and smooth. If you have a course of six sessions this will get you the best results. I have to say this treatment competes with my VIP facial results!

This is the skin peel that everyone is talking about in the beauty and aesthetics industry right now because of the flawless complexion that you can get from having a course of treatments.

Fine lines will be drastically reduced. Your pores will be completely clear. pigmentation will dramatically fade and you'll be desperate to come back for your next treatment!

I strongly recommend a good skincare routine to ensure the results of this treatment last as long as possible. I can help you with this. The most important things that you need to have in your routine is a hydrating serum with Hyaluronic acid and a good moisturiser. SPF is also recommended. I provide you with the basic skincare products that is needed as part this treatment course. These products are worth £120 and are included in the treatment course price.


Here are some examples of how fine lines can be reduced dramatically after a course of six treatments. You can also see that the texture of the skin is a lot smoother and there is a brighter complexion to the skin. There is also pigmentation present in the before pictures and it is hardly noticeable in the after pictures.

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