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Booking & Cancellation Policy:

Thank you for booking, I am looking forward to meeting you soon!

Your appointment means a lot to me, and I appreciate every single client who supports my small business. I am unable to fill last minute slots in the event of a cancellation. To be able to effectively run a business that is reliant on appointments an effective and fair cancellation policy must be in place.


I politely ask that cancellations and reschedules of appointments are to be done with at least 7 days' notice. This time frame is very important for me to ensure that I am able to keep my diary full and run my business effectively. I request that this is respected by all of my clients who wish to book with me.


I understand that 7 days is not always possible, so a cancellation charge is only made if less than 48 hours' notice is given. With less than, or close to 48 hours' notice, there is very little to no chance I will be able to fill the appointment, therefore a cancellation charge for the full booking value is payable.


All booked appointments require a small booking fee upon booking of a refundable £1 for free consultations or non-refundable booking fee of £50 for all other appointments. The booking fee will be deducted from the final cost of the treatment and will not be refunded if a cancellation is made.


In case of a no show where the or the client does not turn up or the appointment is cancelled with less than 48 hours' notice, 100% of the treatment cost will be owed. Appointment reminders are sent at least 72 hours and again at 7pm the night before the appointment to avoid no shows. It is the client's responsibility to provide correct contact details and to read the email/ text that has been sent to them. In the unusual case of a reminder not being received, the cancellation fee will still apply as it is the client's responsibility to ensure pre booked appointments are cancelled before 48 hours' notice. Cancellations for feeling unwell and Covid are not exempt from the usual cancellation fees.

There is a £50 cancellation fee for free of charge appointments including consultations. The fee will be automatically deducted from the card details used to pay the £1 booking fee if less that 48 hours' notice is given for the cancellation or reschedule.


Children are not permitted to attend any appointment, or to wait outside alone. If a client brings a child to the appointment, it will be cancelled, and the usual cancellation fees will apply. I have a home-based clinic with no waiting area.


Please arrive at your appointment at the correct time. If you arrive early, I may still be with the previous appointment or not available until your appointment time. If you do not book in for a consultation and test patch before your procedure, then I will assume you are declining my offer/recommendation of a test patch and you will be asked to sign to confirm this. ​


Please read through the available information on this website before booking to make sure that you are not contraindicated to treatment before booking. Please get in touch if you are unsure to avoid the cancellation fee. The booking fee is non-refundable however if more than 48 hours' notice is given to reschedule the appointment then the £50 booking fee will be transferred to a new booking. The booking fee will not be refunded when an appointment is cancelled without a new booking. I do not make exceptions for circumstances on the cancellation policy, and it is upheld at all times. By continuing to book an appointment you are agreeing to these terms and accept the cancellation fee if applicable.


All bookings must be made via my online booking system. If any assistance is required, then I am more than happy to help you so please just ask. ​


Thanks again for booking and supporting my small business, I am very much looking forward to warmly welcoming you to my clinic soon! ​

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