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Eyeliner Tattoo

Here you'll find out everything you need to know about having your eyeliner tattooed. This treatment is surprisingly comfortable. With eyeliner tattooing the pressure needs to be so super light to make sure the delicate eyelid area is not being over-worked. My particular technique results in no bleeding, minimal swelling and a easy healing process for the most beautiful finish. 





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Eyeliner treatments are great to define the eyes and makes you appear fresh eyed from the moment you wake up in the morning. You can choose from a subtle lash enhancement, bold or shaded eyeliner or a Latino flick. Top and/or bottom lids can be tattooed. Amy Louise uses carbon free eyeliner pigments which carry the lowest risk of pigment migration however an extra retouch treatment is normally needed. Amy Louise prefers to treat safely and slowly than quickly and risk a complication for her clients. Only black or grey is used in Amy Louise's clinic. Brown pigment fades into an orangy red colour on the eye area which can make you look tired or tearful - not the desired look. Green, purple and blue eyeliners carry the highest risk of migration on the eye area so Amy Louise refuses to work with these colours. 


Lash enhancement is great for gently defining your eyes. If you are looking for a super natural way to enhance your eyes this will be the best style for you. 


Eyeliner is a good option if you are used to wearing eye makeup anyway as this won't be a big change from your everyday look. It will however save you plenty of time every day!


Eyeliner flicks can be absolutely gorgeous! It's looks especially beautiful when combined with lash extensions. You can chuck your makeup bag away if you have this done! Don't expect anything anywhere near Amy Winehouse Latino flicks! A cosmetic tattoo needs to be suited to the face and consideration take to how the tattooed area will age. The Latino flicks must be kept modest. The shape of the eyes are taken into consideration and it is not always possible on overly hooded eyes. also the tear ducts in the eyes will migrate the pigment if the flick is too large.

Prepare - How to prepare for your eyeliner tattoo

  • Lash growth  serums must be stopped 4 weeks before the procedure. Do not continue using lash growth serums until 4 weeks after your eyeliner retouch.

  • do not wear contact lenses to your appointment.

  • In the 3 days before your procedure you may want to begin a regimen of arnica tablets. This will help to prevent excess swelling which means a better healed result. (I am not a medical professional, this is just a suggestion based on personal experiences and advanced education. Always consult your doctor before using any new vitamins or supplements).

  • If you wear lash extensions, they must be removed. If you plan to have them removed please do so 24 hours before your procedure. To protect your investment, keep extensions off until 3 weeks after your eyeliner retouch.

  • If you are not certain that you can stay relaxed and in control of your eye movements during your procedure (no squinting, squeezing, fluttering or opening unexpectedly), you may want to discuss anxiety with your doctor to have an anti anxiety plan for the day of your procedure. The risks of permanent eyeliner procedures are magnified when clients cannot relax, and your safety is my number one priority. If you are unable to keep still during the procedure I will not be able to safely continue.

Aftercare - How to care for your eyeliner tattoo

What to expect: Most clients leave their eyeliner appointment with slightly swollen eyelids. This is a normal reaction and nothing to worry about. Swelling and redness can be a bit worse the following morning, and usually starts to subside within a few days. Swollen eyelids may also appear asymmetrical. Light peeling can occur between day 3 and 10. When the peeling is complete, the eyeliner can often look much lighter, patchy and may look like it has disappeared completely. Please don't worry as this is completely normal for this stage of the healing process. It will appear like this because you have just lost the surface of colour. By the time the skin fully heals (4-6 weeks) the implanted colour will have blossomed back up a bit and be more visible.


What to do: For the first 10 days, keep the area dry apart from wen you cleanse the area. cleanse twice a day morning and evening with a gentle foam cleanser. Many clients like ice on the area to reduce swelling, just be sure to keep a clean towel between the skin and ice, and don't over-do it. On day 3, you can begin applying a very thin layer of aftercare balm with a clean cotton bud. The skin should feel hydrated, but never look wet. You should not need to apply the aftercare balm for more than a 10 days.


What to avoid for 10 days: Steam rooms, saunas, tanning beds, excessive steam/sweating, makeup or skincare within 1 inch, scratching, picking, sun, swimming and spray tanning.


What to avoid indefinitelyRetinol/acids/exfoliants within 1 inch, unprotected sun exposure.


General preparations for cosmetic tattooing

Before you arrive at the clinic please make sure you have prepared for your cosmetic tattoo appropriately for the best results.

  • Remove any pricings obstructing the area to be treated.

  • Do not exercise on the day of your procedure.

  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol, vitamin E, Aspirin and Ibuprofen for 24 hours before.

  • Do not take fish oil or CBD for 1 week before.

  • Do not have electrolysis, laser hair removal, or any waxing done in the area within 1 week in case of burning/irritation.

  • Minimize sun exposure and avoid tanning beds for 2 weeks prior (I cannot work on sunburnt skin)

  • Do not have Botox done within 2 weeks before.

  • Do not have fillers done within 2 months efore.

  • Do not use retinol or retin-A products on the face within 3 weeks before.

  • Take extra precautions 2 weeks before to ensure there will be no broken skin or lesions in the area to be treated.

  • If you are on an aspirin regimen, please speak with your doctor about possibly taking a break for the 2 weeks leading up to each procedure, (initial and retouch). If possible, this will mean a much better healed result. If you're unable to take a break, I can still perform the service but may have to alter it and cannot guarantee optimal results.

  • Do not schedule any skin peels within 6 weeks before or after.

Aftercare advice


Most permanent makeup clients report that the healing process was much quicker and easier than they expected it to be! Will it look a bit bolder and more makeup-y at first? Absolutely. Will you need to take a week off and hide in your bed? Absolutely not!

There's no need to take any time away from work or socializing during the healing process. It will be over before you know it, and truthfully, you may be the only one that even notices somethings off!

This easy healing is a result of me working shallow in the skin, only performing procedures on the right canvases, and providing you with specific, time-tested aftercare instructions.


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