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Here you'll find lots of information about having your eyebrows enhanced with permanent makeup. This section includes what to expect before, during and after the procedure, pre and post care and contraindications. I also explain how I treat different skin and hair types to get world class results every time. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch as I am very happy to help you.

Eyebrow colours

Blondes & redheads.

I understand the difficulties my clients have with blonde or fair eyebrows before discovering permanent makeup. It's really difficult finding a good shade of brow makeup and then carefully applying it to avoid it looking too dark or bold. You may not even want to entertain brow makeup for this reason but wish your brows had just a little bit more definition to them. When researching permanent makeup you may come across many bold darker brows that look great on other ladies but its a genuine worry that people will see your eyebrows before the rest of you! This is why over my years of experience, I have created a special way to treat blonde ladies that never fails me. I always work with caution and I intentionally start slightly lighter and gradually build the colour up to the perfect shade for your eyebrows. I recommend Nano (tiny) hair strokes or a super soft powder style so that your new permanent makeup doesn't take over the rest of your face. A subtle enhancement is always the best way with this type.

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Whites and silvers.

The troubles with whites and silvers are similar to those of blondes however there are clear differences that are vitally important. A more mature skin behaves differently in the way that the pigment tends to heal darker and stronger. It is more likely to blur out quicker after healing and turn ashy in colour. Therefore I treat these ladies with exceptional caution. When the brow hair turns grey there is often a real mix of colours in the eyebrows. I work with this and colour match your brows also with a mix of colours. Sometimes the only way to get the most natural style is to use a pallet of brow pigments to build up a natural style gently in the skin. I only ever use a single Nano needle on these clients to cause the least amount of skin trauma and to get the finest hair strokes possible. The skin will have an easier healing process therefore holding the colour better in the skin. I always start lighter and build up the colour slowly and add colour at the retouch appointment 4-6 weeks later rather than being over confident in the first session.

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Brunettes have a different challenges altogether. The slightest of asymmetry in the eyebrows is really obvious and this causes the daily struggle with trying to shape them. This is where permanent makeup can save you so much time and give the relief if having a beautiful set of perfectly symmetrical eyebrows. I have several methods that I like to use to ensure I create perfect symmetry with your eyebrows and also the most beautiful shape for your face. I use the string mapping method, calliper and brow rulers. Occasionally by using measurements only the brows can still look a little 'off' due to the muscle tonal differences in everyone's unique face. This is when my 21 years experience in the beauty industry comes in really handy. I then make any adjustments by eye to ensure the shape, thickness, symmetry and location of the brows are absolutely perfect.

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Black and very dark eyebrows.

I have many clients with black and deep brown coloured eyebrows. It can be very difficult creating a natural look with makeup and getting a subtle enhancement to dark eyebrows can be tricky as the makeup selections can often be too bold. A lot of black pigments heal slightly ashy over time so I use top quality organic pigments that hold true to colour to avoid this problem from every happening. In darker skin tones you can sometimes have the problem of not enough contrast in colour from the eyebrows and skin so I usually recommend a powder brow or a combination of powder and hair strokes to get the desired definition of the eyebrows.

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Eyebrow styles

Hair stroke brows also known as microblading are my specialty and also the most natural style. I Use your own brow hair (if any) to guide the direction of the hair strokes to create the most natural looking perfect brows. If you suffer from Alopecia or any other condition causing you to have no brow hair at all I will create a natural hair stroke direction that naturally suits your facial features. This style works best on a balanced and smooth skin type. The result is achieved by using a gentle stroking action.


Ombre powder brows is a soft powder style that is more of a makeup appearance however this can still be applied very softly. This style will suit you better if you have an excessively oily or dry skin type or an uneven skin surface in the brow area. Ombre is created using a shading technique where the bulb of the brow is lighter and softer and the arch and tail is bolder and deeper in colour. Simple powder is a soft shading of the brow area to create the perfect shape and frame the eyes. the result is achieved by using pointillism and shading action.


Combination brows are a combination of both hair stroke and powdering. If your skin is not suited to hair strokes but you still prefer that look then a combination brow may be recommended to you. This is where a natural hair stroke pattern is created and the brows are then filled out with some powder shading. This makes the brows appear more full and the results last longer than hair strokes alone. This style is best when you have a small amount of brow hair and want to have a natural yet fuller style.

Prepare - How to prepare for your eyebrow tattoo

Brow growth serums should not be used for 4 weeks prior to your procedure. Over the counter serums must be stopped for 2 weeks before the procedure. To protect your investment, do not continue using brow growth serums and over the counter serums until 4 weeks after your retouch procedure.

Aftercare - How to care for your eyebrow tattoo

What to expectWhen you leave, your brows may look bigger due to swelling, warmer in colour, darker and more defined. This is normal. On day 3-5, your brows may begin to lightly peel and this will last for a few days. When the peeling is done, the brows will look lighter, cooler in colour and softer around the edges. By the time the skin fully heals through during the course of 4-6 weeks, the colour will have blossomed back up a bit.

What to do: For 10 days or until peeling begins, cleanse twice daily with plain antibacterial foaming cleaner and follow with a thin layer of aftercare balm. When you're cleansing, you want to be gentle, but do cleanse as if you're trying to gently remove something. When you're applying the aftercare balm, you'll only need about the size of a grain of rice for both brows combined. If you have thick/coarse brow hair, be sure to press the aftercare balm through to the skin. Once peeling begins you should stop cleaning and applying the aftercare balm.


What to avoid until peeling is completely done, or for 10 days if no peeling occurs: Steam rooms, saunas, tanning beds, excessive steam/sweating, makeup or skincare within 1 inch, scratching, picking, sun, swimming and spray tanning.


What to avoid indefinitelyRetinol/acids/exfoliants within 1 inch, unprotected sun exposure.