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Train With Amy

You can't compete with me, I want you to win!

Personalised Permanent Makeup Confidence Building

I am so excited to be launching my beauty training academy in 2023 after over 21 years in the beauty industry and 6 years being self employed as a permanent makeup artist.

I want you to succeed in the beauty industry as a permanent makeup artist, grow your business and never doubt your abilities.

let's admit being a permanent makeup artist really isn't easy. You need to always be practicing, learning, improving and keeping up to date with everything happening in the industry. There are so many problems you can run into. You may be thinking... why are my eyeliners just not holding, or your thinking how on earth did I go over the vermilion boarder on my client's lip blush?! My trainer didn't cover every style of brows in my course how do I perfect Ombre if I've not been shown?!


I get it, I've been there! I want to help you, support you, guide you towards perfection every single time! You want results that your clients rave about and send you all their friends and family.

121 hands on training is always the fastest, most effective way to improve your permanent makeup skills.

I would love to have the honour of sharing my knowledge with you in a 121 confidence building day in my clinic.


We'll have a consultation in advance and I will personally design a training day especially for your needs so that you get the best out of your time with me. I'll also help you find models to work on if you need me to.

Subjects that can be included in your personalised training day:

Needle Selection

Needle Depth

Colour Retention

Colour Selection

Colour Theory



Pigment science

Perfect pre draw tecniques

Correcting asymmetry on the face

Organic vs inorganic vs hybrid

Male permanent makeup

Femenine PMU for transgender women

Effective consultation tecniques


Hair stroke designs

Nano Hair Strokes

hybrid or combination 



soft shading tecniques


Perfecting The Boarder

Melanin Rich Lips

Dark Lip Neutralisation

Ombre Lips

Lip Blush

How To Highly Saturate the lips


Winged Eyeliner

Shaded Eyeliner

Bold eyeliner

How to avoid blow outs

High saturation and retention

Know when to stop

How to apply numbing without getting it into the eyes

How to safely use high carbon based pigment for lasting results

You will receive a certificate of completion for each subject covered on the day.

If there is something you would like to learn that I haven't listed please get in touch for a training consultation to see if I can help you.


As a beauty business owner you are juggling many hats as marketer, accountant, receptionist, artist to name a few. I will also give you access to lifetime business mentoring. In 2023 I am launching my beauty business club inside the Freedom Beauty Academy where I teach you how to successfully build and grow your beauty business exclusively for my students.

The day will run from 9:30am until 3:30pm and the cost is £400. I look forward to welcoming you to my clinic for a day of fun, education and a life changing amount of information! 

You can't compete with me, I want you to win!


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